El Conde de Nuevo Santander Charity

El Conde de Nuevo Santander Charity is a non-profit organization that contributes to the needs of the people. El Nuevo Santander was a region of the viceroyalty of New Spain which included most of South Texas and the State of Tamaulipas in Mexico. Our focus and effort are to contribute to the necessities, whether it be food, school supplies, building supplies, and etc, of the citizens of the South Texas region.

mapa de nuevo Santander- Ladron de Guevara map

It is our intention to bring awareness of these needs to the governing institutions of this region and to its citizens. We will be working alongside religious organizations, other non-profit groups, community agencies, schools, and many others who are willing to be partakers in this life-changing project.

Our goal is to change the lives of our fellow citizens and to see a long-term change that in their lives with the aid that can be offered to them. Another objective of ours is to provide the same care and awareness to those who live beyond our borders.

For more information contact us at conde.nuevo.santander@gmail.com